app_screenStoryWalker 365 – a storytelling appTiara

A team of international voice-over artists, musicians, production crew, designers, illustrators, engineers, writers and even psychologists are burning the midnight oil, pushing the envelope and championing the cause right now.

The first of its kind app in many ways is high in both entertainment and education because we are talking to the most amazing target group in the whole world – kids.

Not just kids but the really wonderful ones in the wonder years of 3 to 6 and 7 to 10, age groups. The pre-schoolers and primary schoolers.

The app features stories specific for kids in these two age groups. Parents can take up attractive subscription offers to access all the existing and the new upcoming stories.


We are a Catalyst

phoneOur intent is to help create a context for meaningful conversation between children and their parents. That’s why we see ourselves as catalysts.

We are working on ideas and products that are great for children. And even better for the family.

In a small way, we are doing our bit to help parents deal with challenges of parenthood through storytelling.

We are identifying topics that parents seek active help on, such as ‘sibling rivalry’, ‘bullying at school’, ‘diversity issues’ etc and put them into context through stories to help children and parents deal with it.phone_values

Similarly, we are identifying areas where parents are keen to give their child an advantage to develop, such as ‘confidence’, ‘teamwork’, ‘determination’, ‘courage’ etc. Our stories carry one or more of such values to help children learn and absorb it in their everyday lives.

And yes we never forget to delight and entertain our core audience, the kids! That’s why we have exciting characters, voice over artists from around the world, cool interactive features and functions and loads of goodies, in the mix of what we are doing.

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