Parents’ Partner

StoryWalker was to enrich people every day in small and meaningful ways through stories and storytelling. And thus be ‘a parent’s partner and a child’s companion’, a single phrase by which we measure everything we do.

Being a parent’s partner is about being in touch with the good intentions of a parent in raising a kid and enabling them through the everyday challenges that come in the way. On the other hand being a child’s companion is about being engaging, entertaining and magical through every interaction.

That’s what we have signed up for at StoryWalker.

We are a young creative technology company with a big ambition to make a mark in content, entertainment, education and play segments for children in the 0 to 12 age groups. Our team is made up of people who have never done anything like this before but would do nothing else!

Our first hello to the world is through StoryWalker365. Here you are introduced to a fascinating world of Booshkata, a jungle like no other. Story themes, illustrations, plots, music are all differentiated to engage with the two distinct age segments: 3+ and 7+. This app has lots of simple meaningful stuff packed into it that very intuitive and easy to use but a bit hard to explain! So we have come up with a ‘Letter to Parents’ to give you an understanding of what the app can do for you and your child.

StoryWalker 365 is built with the purpose and belief that stories are the most powerful way to connect with a child and help ‘build beautiful inside’. You can expect a lot of stories coming your way and many other story worlds besides Booshkata will soon be part of the StoryWalker platform. Making it your child’s favorite hangout place!

We don’t know what else to say at this stage, we are like kids who got hold of a candy box and wondering what to bite into. Yeah really, because we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of ideas and have our task cut out to be a parent’s partner and a child’s companion.

We’ll keep you updated, while you enjoy StoryWalking with us.