Why Story?


Can you imagine a world without stories? Not so easy right?

Stories are so fundamental and core to what makes us humans. Stories are the oldest and the most powerful form of communication the world has ever known. As Dorris Lessing famously said, “The human race has been telling stories since it began”.

They are a vehicle to transfer valuable ideas and lessons for children. It is a medium for you and your little ones to spend few precious moments everyday, sharing and bonding over stories.  If we could do that for you, we would have done our job.

Our StoryParents Parner

We often think that storytelling is a performance art. But that’s not entirely true. Everyday storytelling to kids requires something even more. Our ability to BELIEVE. The grace to believe in something that we cannot see or touch like we are used to. It is the premise of being a storyteller.

When you have a good story to share with a child, oh please tell it. You may never know what that story has done. There may be no signs, no instant gratifications, no proof, no result. At least not yet.

But believe that you have indeed done the best deed for the day.IQ EQ

For you have planted a seed in a young mind when you tell a story. A fertile mind has received a lesson, a value, an anchor to make sense of the world, just like fertile soil receives a seed. Nothing happens immediately. Not even the following day perhaps. But know this for sure… a seed has indeed been planted through a story.

You may not hang around to see it take roots. But believe that it will bear fruit one day. Believe that your simple act of storytelling is building memories to last a lifetime.Global connect

And when you believe in the power of a story, you become the storyteller.