Our Story/About us

Our Story

STORYWALKER was born to harness the power of storytelling to enrich people every day in small and meaningful ways.

The mission of STORYWALKER is to be an influential and inspiring company in the IMAGINATION AND STORYTELLING ECOSYSTEM.

Stories have the power to transform, influence and inspire people. And they also make sound business sense.

StoryWalker is a creative technology company.

Creativity, Technology & Integration, gives us the right to play and win.


Creativity is a core to our product and to our promise. We cannot be storytellers without being creative! This pillar is crucial to areas of design, content, formats, experience and engagement.

Technology is the second pillar core to our product and promise. It is central to our global ambition. Taking our stories to a boundaryless world is possible through technology. We do not view technology as a medium or a channel but it is the very pivot through which our storytelling experience is built.

Integration is the third pillar crucial to us. Content as a result of IP & Storytelling has diverse applications and opportunities. Our measure of success would depend on how seamlessly and efficiently we integrate the various opportunities available to us in areas of entertainment, education, publishing, experiential, consumer products, licensing, interactive, among others.