Getting the most of Value Builder feature

The Value Builder feature of the app is a result of our interaction with a lot of parents and what they most care about when raising a child. It is provided to help parents pick and choose topics, issues, and areas that they want to talk to their child about with the help of stories.

The values, virtues, issues, topics, and concerns listed out are tagged to different stories. Some values have multiple stories tagged to them but the context varies, making them unique and relevant for your own use.

Similarly, each story has multiple value lessons in them and the value note lists these out, providing a context and explanation of the topic to give you a sense of how you could potentially use that to best suit your child.

Our stories are not prescriptive or conclusive in the learnings indicated for each. However, they provide a context to help parents like you talk to their children ‘about’ or ‘around’ a subject.

The purpose of our stories is to be catalysts for real and meaningful conversations between a parent and child. They are designed to be ice-breakers of sorts that convert a conceptual subject into a contextual conversation.

As you go through each story and its notes, you will surely find your own unique perspective to use for your conversations. So, go ahead and make it your own. That’s when it works best.

Children come into this world wonderful and clean. They are born ‘good’. But to help them grow in goodness, the seed must be sown early and nurtured with care through their growing years.

We, as parents and guardians are tasked with “building beautiful inside” our children and it is an everyday opportunity for us. Children are filled with an eagerness to learn and therein lies our best chance to lay a strong foundation for a great citizen. And the power and magic of stories are what we have, to achieve this.

If you have any suggestions, comments or inputs to help us improve this feature or anything else about the app, please write to us on

Here’s wishing you the best. Happy StoryWalking!