Few more features to love

  • Three modes to enjoy a story: Your child and you, can now enjoy the story experience in 3 distinct ways:
  1. ‘Listen’ – choosing this mode, you could simply enjoy listening to the story and getting transported through the power of oral storytelling. It’s great to enhance the listening and comprehension skills for a child. And it’s also a good mode to use for bedtime storytelling when you would rather like to avoid visual distractions with pictures or images.
  2. ‘Play’ – this mode brings alive the story with visuals, illustrations, and the beautiful page flip feature. Its better than enjoying a book because this one has a voice too! This mode is known to keep a child engaged and happy for an extended time, because of the intuitive and interactive experience.
  3. ‘Read’ – by simply muting the voice icon on the bottom of the screen within the ‘Play’ option, you can make this into a storybook. Use it to narrate a story to your child or let your child simply read to enhance their language, vocabulary and reading skills.
  • Offline mode: By choosing the ‘Offline’ icon on the story title frame, you can download that story to enjoy even when you are not connected to the internet. The offline options allow your child to enjoy a story or more when you are in the car or on the move.
  • Favorite: By clicking on favorites you can get quick access to the stories you most love in the ‘My Library’ section.
  • Share: Good ideas need to be shared! If that’s what you think of this app, the share button will let you share a link to the app with your friends/family.
  • Pin a story: When you find stories through the value builder feature, you have an option to pin the stories so that you can quickly get around to them later when you are ready to enjoy the story and talk about it with your child.